Trees always amazed me when I was young, it might be a boy thing. But the idea of sitting under and next to a tree gave me a certain comfort if you will.

But more so I really loved to climb them, to feel at one with the tree. Climbing to the top I actually felt as tall as the tree. It was heaven.

Haven’t climbed a tree in a long time, but I have begun to touch trees again, yes touch them to feel once again the enormous power and beauty that they hold.

So today take a bit of time to just stop and hang out with a tree, maybe even talk to it, no this isn’t weird, tell it how much you appreciate the shade it brings you on a hot summer day and how you love when it allows just a little bit of sun to peek through.

So as you lay on your comfy blanket under that majestic tree and gaze up to heaven whilst lying on earth, know that the void that you see is the core of your being. For the usefulness of what is; depends on what is not.

Davey KScreen Shot 2016-07-30 at 6.55.15 PM